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Resize OpenStack Image

The size of the snapnot image in OpenStack is usually much bigger than expected. We can use Virt-sparsify to resize the snapshot image size

RDO CentOS-7 Image SSH Password Issue for OpenStack

Some tricks for using RDO CentOS-7 Image for OpenStack

Network Issues in OpenStack Installation (Juno)

OpenStack Networking(neutron) is a pluggable, scalable and API-driven system for managing networks and IP addresses. It enables Network-Connectivity-as-a-Service for other OpenStack services, such as OpenStack Compute. Provides an API for users to define networks and the attachments into them. Has a pluggable architecture that support many popular networking vendors and technologies ......

Several Notes for Building A Blog with Github Pages and Jekyll

How to set up Ubuntu14.04 firewall

Ubuntu does not start any firewall in default, so we had better set up some rules for the network in case of any safety issues. The following will make a short introductions about how to set up the iptables for ubuntu......